Bett zioxi 2020 what is happening at the show

We look forward to seeing you next year at Bett!

Its nearly the end of the year and things are winding down

but we would love to see you in the new year. We’ll be at BETT  (stand: SH40) and ISE (stand: 13-C130).

Our focus in 2020 is the environment.

You will need to buy products for your organisation and you won’t have huge amounts of time to research – so how do you find out if a company is environmentally friendly as well as find out if they offer the products you need? At zioxi we are proud to stick to the ISO 14001 requirements for certification of environmental performance. Our certificate can be found on this page. So look out for ISO 14001 accreditation whenever you are purchasing products from new suppliers.

Here at zioxi we aren’t just ticking the boxes, we are going further and making a difference to the environment with our products. Many of our products now have onView chips in them that will deliver a level of control that is unprecedented in the market. For instance, our charging trolleys can be set to Green Charge. Green Charge will priorotise power coming from renewable sources. It is a genius piece of technology that allows the chip to find see when the national grid is being fed by more green power. In the third quarter of this year more energy came from renewable sources than it did from fossil fuels for the first time!

Other clever innovations include

    • Smart charge

      Stops charging when your laptop, tablet, ipad or smart phone is full. This saves energy to the tune of around £160 per year for average use and has big carbon footprint savings too. This technology also has the potential to prolong useful battery life and thus prolong your devices life span!

    • Device count

      Your trolley will count how many devices are returned to the cart and can be set to alert you if they are not all returned.

    • Alerts

      You can set alerts via your phone or email for if your trolley:

      • is accidentally left unplugged (and thus unable to charge)
      • unlocked
      • is accessed out of hours
      • device temperatures get too high
      • moves out of its normal location
      • you can also customise alerts for a huge number of other things.

smart charging trolleys with extra control zioxi

Do come and see us for a guided tour of our products or just a chat if you are at Bett or ISE or if you want to pop into our showroom in Tetsworth just off the M40 in Oxfordshire.

Here is the full compliment of zioxi products you can see at Bett and ISE in 2020:

Charging Trolleys

onView Laptop, Chromebook and tablet / ipad charging trolleys. Featuring green charging, smart charging, device count, alerts if unplugged, broken into, accessed out of hours, moved out of a set perimeter and more.


Hideaway computer desks

Manual (M1s) and Powered (P1s). Our range of hideaway computer desks can be designed and constructed to almost any size of shape you can think of. The M1s have a pneumatic ram like the one in your car boot, when you push the panel down with your hands, and release the monitor, keyboard and mouse will elegantly rise up out of the desk. The P1 works with a button in the desk and raises the screen via an electric motor. OnView can be used to control the raising and lowering of screens in P1s and power to screens in M1s and P1s. This can be extremely useful for teachers when they want to engage students without the distraction of what is on the screen. OnView can also be used to communicate occupancy at a computer. This can be viewed by students looking for a free computer in a building.


Charge, store and secure cabinets for laptops, chromebooks, tablets / ipads and smart phones

Hubtables and Power Hubs

No plugs for power? These products will deliver power all day for multiple devices in places where there aren’t any power sockets. They have onView as standard giving you green charge – speaks to the national grid and automatically charging at green energy times, alerts you when charged or battery is low and more.

T41 agile teaching desks

Easy to move into circular tables, single desks or simply store away with the folding tops

Isis t41 classroom student table on wheels with flip top t41 mobile classroom tables with stationery roundel - lime green zioxi power hub with t41 tablesIsis t41 classroom student tables on wheels with flip tops, with power hub

Huddle Tables 

Mobile multi use tables that come with electric height adjust-ability, rechargeable or wired.

mobile pebble shaped huddle table with battery powered height adjust Huddle height adjust tables grouped with powerHub huddle height adjustable mobile teacher lecturer lectern

Collaborative tables 

D-end collaborative table with white compact laminate top Shield shaped 7 person HA height adjustable collaborative table with laminated oak top M1 collaborative table with monitors hidden away Booth seating and collaborative table with display and power