Classrooms, drop-in areas, breakout spaces, large open plan learning zones and LRCs. Especially effective in BYOD and 1:1 mobile device settings in schools, colleges, universities and offices.

HUB-OV-R100-4MRechargeable powerHub 4 mains sockets, 100Ah
HUB-OV-R100-4M4URechargeable powerHub 4 mains & 4 USB, 100Ah
HUB-OV-R150-4MRechargeable powerHub 4 mains sockets, 150Ah
HUB-OV-R150-4M4URechargeable powerHub, 4 mains & 4 USB, 150Ah
HUB-OV-R100-2M2URechargeable powerHub, 2 mains & 2 USB, 100Ah
HUB-OV-R50-2M2URechargeable mini powerHub, 2 mains & 2 USB, 50Ah
HUB-RNDL-CL-GpowerHub roundel collar, green (to fit t41 tables)
HUB-RNDL-CL-WpowerHub roundel collar, white (to fit t41 tables)

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