Dining areas, refectories, canteens and staff rooms.

DIN-FB-1280Refectory table and benches for 4120W X 80D X 75H
DIN-FB-1880Refectory table and benches for 6180W X 80D X 75H
DIN-FB-2280Refectory table and benches for 8220W X 80D X 75H
DIN-FB-1300Poseur height table130W X 70D X 105H
DIN-FB-1900Poseur height table190W X 70D X 105H
DIN-FS-TRefectory table with steel frame220W X 80D X 75H
DIN-FS-BRefectory bench with steel frame200W X 40D X 40H

Other finishes and sizes available, please contact us for details,

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