Creating quiet zones in offices, libraries and learning spaces.

PPOD-20 Minipod with table (1-2 people) 200W x 150D x 225H
PPOD-10 Half round pod (1-2 people) 279W x 167D x 225H
PPOD-22 Half square pad (1-2 people) 278W x 167D x 225H
PPOD-12 Round pod (1-6 people) 278W x 296D x 225H
PPOD-24 Square pod (1-6 people) 278W x 297D x 225H
PPOD-14 Lozenge pod (6-8 people) 277W x 443D x 225H
PPOD-26 Rectangle pod (6-8 people) 278W x 444D X 225H

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