zioxi shows off educational ICT integrated furniture at LTSMG event in Cambridge 2019

LTSMG in 7 tweets!

zioxi exhibited at LTSMG, the higher education AV conference this year for the first time and WE LOVED IT! The show is very well organised for exhibitors and delegates alike. We found it easy to engage with University AV people who wanted to talk to us and the university AV delegates had a chance to talk and debate about issues they face together and with the exhibitors.

LTSMG in 7 tweets:

  1. LTSMG this year was held in the stunning city of Cambridge.

  1. One of the organisers Adam Harvey from the University of Hertfordshire promoting the event

  1. The delegates enjoyed some excellent talks and discussions. This debate was focused on: filling skills gaps, critical thinking, design capability, culture, resource, experience and education to name but a few topics!

  1. zioxi shared the exhibition hall with some excellent companies all aiming to help universities offer more to their students. zioxi’s most popular exhibition pieces were our hideaway P1 computer desk and out mobile power unit known as the powerHub – some say they resemble a Dalek… but our powerHubs are far more useful and much less likely to attack you!

  2. The post event dinner was at Corpus Christi College dinning hall – a wonderful old dining hall in the 6th oldest college in Cambridge with high ceiling and oak panelling. 


  3. Our friends from AV magazine highlighting the best bits from LTSMG in a short video.

  4. Our hosts wrap it up!

We met some great people and had a lovely time, one particular person I met at the post event dinner was Gavin MacKenzie, senior AV Infrastructure Engineer at Cambridge University who said of the event in AV magazine “You’re always guaranteed to be exposed to something that sparks inspiration and makes you consider things in a fresh way”. We also had an extremely interesting chat about the 1st world war documentary “They Shall Not Grow Old” where old footage has been painstakingly altered so that it looks like modern footage with colour and timing corrections. It is amazing, see the trailer here.

In terms of the event I can’t praise the organisers enough, particularly Steve and Dave who made the event run so smoothly. Thanks and we hope to see you again next year.