Five factors to consider when procuring furniture.

Buying new furniture is always exciting and whether you are looking to furnish a new space or revamping an old one, there are a few important things to bear in mind from the outset.

1) Have a good idea of budget, time frame and your requirements before setting off on your furniture procurement journey. Think about what you need to achieve in the space and also how you want the space to feel for those working within it.

2) Always give yourself more time than you think you will need. The design stages can sometimes take a while to ensure they are perfect and you may also wish to see samples and finishes before purchasing which can also take time. You may have to manage multiple stakeholders all with their own strong ideas. Lead times from the point of order can be up to 8 weeks during a busy season for a furniture company so this also needs to be considered.

3) Align your aspirations for the new space to fit within your company ethos, culture and atmosphere. Would you be looking for a relaxed feel or a professional feel? Vibrant finishes or a muted finishes?

4) Ensure your budget is appropriate for the space – when you are buying for a school or office furniture will need to be much tougher than the furniture you would buy for your own home, and this means that you may need to spend more on superior build quality, materials and warranties.

5) Involve all relevant departments and decision-makers in the furniture procurement process. This solid communication will reduce the chances of last-minute changes and design overhauls which may disrupt your ideal project end date.